Established in 1978 and rIsen for two generations this familiar bussines has become a service enterprise that combines the selling and launching of its own brand with the production of shoes for different enterprises developing exclusive collections tailored to each client and working together with international desginers. The result of all of this enthusiasm is known as "Paco Valiente's Universe"

In 1988, the new facilities were inaugurated in the so called "Mugrón" Industrial Area. It was a 500 m2 factory that was enlarged twice in 1993 and in 2002. Nowadays , it is a 4.000 m2 factory, including the administrative, design and investigating departaments and all the sections intended for the sawing and finishing process of shoes

Thanks to our different production lines, we are able to make a wide range of shoes; blake, strobell, bologna,california, kiowa and traditional construction.

In our entreprise we deal with your colection. We offer you the possibility to create your own brand with us. Our experience and our team will be at your disposal ( more than 30 years making shoes for all over the world: design, production, logistic…)

Our production is equally destined to female and male. We produce an average of 200.000 pairs / year

We focus our effort on the human factor, which is the most important aspect not only for our enterprise but also for those that collaborate with us.

Nowadays, this philosophy is a fact.



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